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Search Engine Optimization

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is a set of measures aimed at lifting the position of a website in search engine results pages for specific search queries. In an online business environment, where everything still largely depends on organic search, the lack of an effective search engine optimization (SEO) strategy is detrimental to your growth and profitability.

Optimization of web pages for keywords helps display information about your business in the first positions of search results page for certain search queries by Internet users. It lets the user find what they are looking for in the most simple way. Every year search engines become more intelligent and they search not just for keywords on the pages, but determine relevance, namely, the correspondence of a site’s page to the user’s search query whereby they searched for this or that information in the search engine. 

Benefits of SEO optimization:

  • By being regularly in the search engine results page gives a greater flow of customers;
  • A website reputation, that is optimized for SEO, gradually improves, ensuring the growth of the flow of customers for free and naturally;
  • Some users can not stand contextual advertising because of their bias against this kind of advertising;
  • It vitally important an SEO promotion campaign runs for at least 3-4, otherwise it will be ineffective.

Stages of website promotion in search engines:

Preparation and analysis

Preparation and analysis (a technical audit of a site is carried out as well as an analysis of its competitors, current positions, goals and direction of promotion are determined; checking for the availability of keywords in search engines).

Internal optimization

Internal optimization (code optimization, error correction, meta tags and other parameters get written; if necessary, changes are made to the website’s structure; text on the site is corrected; micro-marking is applied; semantic core is compiled or adjusted; internal page linking is done; work is carried out to improve the usability of a site).

External optimization

External optimization (compilation of an anchor list, budget planning for the purchase of links; work is carried out on the placement of high-quality links; writing articles for specialized resources and the use of crowd marketing).

Adjustment of strategies

Adjustment of strategies (an objective assessment of the results of the promotion, analysis of current positions; reporting; consultations and the involvement of additional mechanics are carried out).

Before the start of the optimization of a web resource, a technical SEO audit is carried out. This is where the technical part of the resource gets analyzed, the code itself, for the presence of discrepancies in the requirements of maximum optimization, which in turn will speed up a website loading and increase organic search engine results. Code optimization is the reduction of code to the minimum possible on those pages where it is necessary, as well as content optimization, if necessary, according to the parameters recommended by search engines. In addition to code optimization, additional checks are done for the presence of the necessary technical files.

After the technical audit has been carried out, a technical task is prepared, according to which the code is optimized and other changes are made on the site.

One of the most important roles in SEO promotion is content. Content may include text, photos, videos. The important point is that this content must be unique. Duplicate content that was posted on the Internet earlier has a negative impact on the promotion of the resource. In some cases this is the main reason why it is impossible to move the site to the top positions of search engines.

ITLab Studio specialists create unique content, with a certain subject, in compliance with all the rules and requirements for writing text in order to create a landing page. In other words, a landing page on a website is the page that converts visitors into leads. Therefore it must contain a certain amount of high quality content. Text should fully and succinctly describe the topic the audience are interested in. Images ought to be unique and show or complement the subject. Video provides information visualization and should be present on the page. Also, additional content increases the time a user or customer will spend on a web resource page.

Any search engine analyzes the amount and quality of content on a page. By analyzing the behavior of users on such pages and how long they stay on the resource, search engine raises the ranking of your website and thereby shows it in its results pages in response to a query by a searcher. If there is no such content there will be no result.

Website promotion in search engines is one of the most effective ways to get to the top positions of search results pages and, accordingly, gain user interest, a large number of visitors and, as a result, increase income. Our experts can move your site to the top positions in search engine results pages in a few months, depending on the level of competition and the area of your activity.

Each and every day over 1 billion search queries are made worldwide. Every search query is a potential demand as well as a potential opportunity to tell the customer about the benefits of your products or services. SEO on its own will not be enough to achieve great results but everything else without it is not very effective either.