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Web Design

A web design is an important and very first step towards creating a web-resource, mobile application or brand. The right approach to creating a design will not only provide a beautiful and recognizable appearance of the product, but will also influence user behavior, since it is the design that determines the user-friendliness of the interface, intuitiveness and ease of use, creating a positive impression and the concept of the philosophy of the product or service.

In web development, it is paramount that a design is created before the first line of code is written. Even if a template solution is used in the project, it is still the design that needs to be drawn first. A high-quality, professional and properly created design will be an effective tool for your business.

The design of your web resource  plays an important role in promoting and marketing the resource. A visitor’s first contact with the website is based upon the visual perception of the page. If the appearance makes a good impression on the user, then they will not close the page and will carry on browsing the web resource. 

Design creates a company’s image. If the design looks great and original, then it means that its owner wants to make a good impression on potential customers.

The benefits of design:

  •  Impression. You will not get a second chance to make the first impression. A design is the tool that will create a great first impression on the potential customer;
  • Business success factor. A recognition, style, positive attitude of the target audience towards the brand;
  • Originality. A design is not created with the help of algorithms, which in turn emphasizes its singularity. Any feature will be to its competitive advantage;
  • Uniqueness. Templates are never used in graphics creation;
  • Attractiveness. A beautiful design will increase the number of repeat customers;
  • Individuality. You get a unique design.
  • Status. Without a good design you cannot claim high status.

The stages of design creation:


Preparation. It is the initial stage in a design development process, where a client fills out a brief; the design requirements are gathered; the goals, criterias, business tasks of the design are defined; the business niche is analyzed; the market and competitive environments get analyzed. 

Discussion and agreement

Discussion and agreement. This stage is the creative moment in the process of a design creation. It involves experts from different fields of expertise: a designer, project manager, marketer and the client themself. It is the stage, where creative ideas and the experience of the previous projects are shared and the structure is agreed.

Layout creation

Layout creation. At this stage, references are selected, convenient and intuitive navigation is developed. A structure is built, fundamental elements are located. A prototype is created based on UX and UI design guidelines. If necessary, a mockup is created to visualize the future design.


Approval. The client evaluates whether the created concept meets the requirements. If necessary, corrections and adjustments are made. Final deadlines are agreed upon.


Development. A designer creates the design, taking into account all the corrections and adjustments. Upon the project completion, all the source files are passed over to the client.

Not only does a design have to have an attractive user interface, but it should also reflect the existence of a relationship between the company and its customers in order to strengthen the brand and create the necessary products, which over time will increase the degree of customer involvement.

ITLab Studio provides all types of quality design services. We develop custom design solutions both for websites and mobile applications. We create UI / UX design, corporate identity and logo design, rebranding design, graphic and brand design.

A professional design is a powerful weapon in the competition! Do not underestimate its importance! A good design will help both large and small companies win customers and make money.

If you would like to get a brand new design developed, the outdated design modernized, the attractiveness of your web resource or brand improved, the conversion and sales rates increased, an adaptive design created or the existing design fixed – contact us and we will help you. We have solutions to your problems!

ITLab Studio provides all types of graphic design including:

Web and mobile app design

Web and mobile app design; Web design; Mobile application design; Website redesign; Landing page; Logo development; UI / UX design; Rebranding.

Brand identity design

Brand identity design; Business cards; Presentation development; Creation of banners; Company profiles; Flyers; Posters; Letterhead design;

Graphic design

Инфографика; растровая и векторная графика; дизайн журнала, книги, буклета; иллюстрации; дизайн приглашения; разработка этикетки.