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We will organize for you developers who work with any complexity of the tasks. We provide consultation, after which we will select the best solution for your business problem. Sale and rental of IT equipment, office equipment, servers, data storage systems. Data processing center around the world. Data center services for your business

WBIS LIMITED was established in 2020 as an international company in the field of IT solutions. Our mission is to organize a full cycle of performing tasks in the IT industry, such as: Software development, Legal support for business, Advertising and promotion of projects; Hosting, rent and purchase of servers and non-standard equipment; Personnel management services; Organization of teams for software development, outsourcing and outstaffing; Assistance in the deployment of offices in any country; Expertise in the field of IT business.

Biodegradable bags and biodegradable stretch film – what are they and what are they made of? The company “Pacoline” is engaged in the implementation of biopackets made from corn starch. Our packages are 100% degradable and environmentally friendly, and they also comply with all standards, which indicates their high quality.

In the land of the Rising Sun, it is usually said that the most beautiful flower is the flower of Sakura. Whereas the real culinary work in this country is SUSHI. Restaurant Sakura in the center of Krakow is a place that combines Japanese flavors with Thai cuisine. Our cuisine is based on real Asian flavor compositions. We prepare all dishes only from proven, fresh, high-quality ingredients, which we select with great care. We focus on diversity, therefore, in addition to traditional sushi, you have the opportunity to try unique flavors from Far Asia. We offer a wide selection of warm kitchen, so we are sure that each of our guests will find something for themselves. Preparing food is a real art that’s why all dishes are created with great passion by our experienced chef who takes care of every detail of the dish. Our card includes delicious sushi, tempura prawns, hot soups Tom Kha, Tom Yom, Curry, Pad Thai, salmon tartare, Gyoza with beef, salads and desserts. Come and try completely new and extremely interesting flavors. We guarantee that you will discover the real taste of Asian cuisine with us, which will make you move to the Far East for a moment.