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“SnG Safety Management” is a unique CRM system implemented in a user's personal account. The key feature of this system is that it gives the ability to build a multi-level (integrated) security management system at a facility of any complexity. This can be done in a relatively short period of time, with a minimum budget. By using the latest video surveillance technology, the CRM can track dozens of cameras in real time.



The Coin24 is the first official and legal web-resource on the Ukrainian market that provides electronic and cryptocurrency services. The project has many benefits. Coin24 is part of CRPT.TRT, which is a licensed company in the European market that exchanges cryptocurrency money for fiat funds.

BSP Online offers a wide range of portable cloud hosting services as well as software development and marketing services. The company provides IT consulting services, automation and digitization of operations, software optimization and implementation of new technologies.

The European company that provides cryptocurrency services and trades digital assets. “CRPT TRT” provides information and consulting services including: cryptocurrency, electronic payments, electronic payment systems etc. The company develops optimal payment instruments and solutions for its customers.