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Technical support and maintenance

Technical support of a website is as important a stage in the lifecycle of an Internet project as the development or promotion of the web resource. All Internet products are different and each resource requires maintenance. For example: dynamic resources, such as online stores or online portals get updated on a daily basis, sections of a website are filled with new products or information. Other types of sites need technical maintenance quite often. Any web resource needs maintenance for as long as it exists on the Internet. And it doesn’t matter what type of a website site you have, you will still need technical support as the website needs to be update once in a while.

Almost every Internet resource is created with one purpose – to make a profit. Uninterrupted and effective functioning of a site is key to its monetization. The basis of technical support is a set of measures aimed at developing and improving a project’s efficiency, the application that functions around the clock.

Regular technical support of a site helps save time and update information, timely eliminate technical errors and protect against network threats. Owing to technical support, the continuous functioning of all mechanisms of the Internet resource is guaranteed, which is key to its successful promotion.

Web resource support services can be split into three areas:

Technical Support

Ensuring the smooth operation of a web resource and prompt response to any technical malfunctions on the site. Updating and adding new functionalities.

Filling up with Content

Filling up a website with new, high-quality, interesting and optimized content.
Creating new sections or updating information on a site.

Subscription service

Website backup. Routine maintenance. Constant antivirus monitoring.  Website optimization.

After purchasing a web resource support service from ITLab-Studio, you will forget about the inconveniences. Our company has a unique and comprehensive approach not only to the development of an Internet resource, but also its support. Thanks to the latest high-tech capabilities we use, we can make your site not only attractive in appearance, but also active on the inside, which means it will become more appealing to a user or customer. Contact us and we will not only solve technical problems of your web app but also improve its performance.

Technical support services from ItLab-Studio are always of high quality that guarantee flawless functioning  of your web application.