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Custom website

Ready-to-use solutions are fairly good at doing the job for the average company without heightened expectations, but if you need something really unique that would significantly improve your business performance, ITLab Studio team will implement all non-standard tasks on your custom website. Technologically complex projects, sites which are built using multi-tier architecture, trend designs or non-standard functions – all these can be implemented by us on a custom site.

Most companies do not develop custom sites. There are a few reasons behind this:

  • The costs of custom site development are high;
  • It takes much longer to develop this type of a website;
  • Too complex requirements;
  •  The use of ready to use solutions and CMSs in the development of web-resources that do not provide the necessary functions;
  • It is extremely difficult or even impossible in some cases to develop complex and non-standard functionality and ready to use CMS modules.

A custom site would be a good pick in situations where the ready to use (standard) solutions are unable to solve given business tasks through the lack of in-built functions.
At ITLab Studio, the development of individual web resources is carried out modularly and flexibly, so that in the future it is easy to expand the functionality.

Most custom web projects are corporate CRM-systems, typically integrated into a website with expanded configurations capabilities. Such projects may include:

  • Functionality for: planning, monitoring and business process reporting, maintaining and generating reports, schedules, online monitoring of indicators, accounting of work hours;
  • Automated settlement and calculation systems (writing off funds for services for the indicated period, calculating the costs of services);
  • Maintaining a client database and working with databases (sending letters and notifications, working with a service history);
  • Referral systems with a special algorithm;
  • Ticketing systems for service providers;
  • Extending online store functions;
  • Automated formation of specialized documents;
  • Geographical mapping services;
  • Data exchange with other applications;

And this is not the full list of additional functions that are usually implemented when it comes to the development of a custom website. It certainly takes a lot longer to build this kind of a web product than a regular web resource, but it is rewarding in the long term and definitely worth the effort. You will get the system solution and resource that solves the tasks of your business, with a convenient management system and unique design.

The costs and length of time it will take to create a custom site can only be calculated after all the requirements for the project are known, the functionality of the site, the scope of work and goal of the web project are determined.

ITLab Studio has an experience in developing this type of a web-resource and we know how to implement and design custom websites of any complexity, customize your website exclusively for your business, distribute huge amounts of information, realize the most ambitious ideas and achieve different goals with the help of only one web resource.