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Corporate website

A corporate website is a website that is used to officially represent a company on the Internet, which contains the information about the company, its field of activity, its products or services.

In the modern world, a corporate website is a must for any serious company. This is a tool that effectively provides information about an organization on the Internet. If a company doesn’t have such a web resource that means that the business lags behind its competitors. Without a corporate website, the company is deemed to be a laggard, since all mid-sized and large companies started trading online a long time ago.

A corporate site is a web-project that performs certain functions. The site contains detailed information about a company, products, services, vacancies and more. Such a project is aimed at achieving business goals by attracting new potential customers, partners, or employees through the Internet.

A corporate website is the attribute, every medium and large-sized company must have, as well as a unique tool for spreading new and relevant information. A company can benefit a great deal from having such a web tool, as it represents the company on the Internet.  A corporate website won’t increase sales on its own, and it shouldn’t, as it is not its main objective. The main goal of such a resource is to build a fully-fledged two-way communication between different groups of the public.

Corporate websites do the following functions:

  • Attract the target audience;
  • Establish business relationships;
  • Search for new employees;
  • Receive customer feedback;
  • Create a positive brand image;
  • Look for solutions to various business problems.

A corporate site, no doubt, can become a really high quality tool, provided it is developed correctly. The development of this type of website should be done by professionals, who know all the corporate website development rules. When developing corporate websites, ITLab Studio specialists adhere to the following principles:

Design. A corporate website of any company should have an exclusively unique design with a corporate identity, corporate colors, logo and slogan being the compulsory attributes. There shouldn’t be any similar site on the Internet. A corporate website design should make the company recognizable at first glance.

Informational content. The site should contain concise, relevant and informative content that will tell anyone comprehensively about your company whoever visits the web resource. Everything that customers, partners or future colleagues may be interested in, is always placed on the site so that it is as accessible as possible. Contact information, price lists and product catalogs are placed in such a way that even an inexperienced user could find them.

Usability.  A corporate site should have a friendly and intuitive interface that makes a great impression on any visitor. The web resource contains only targeted content, and an intuitive design will direct a user to the content with a minimal number of clicks.These days, It is mandatory that each and every website is mobile friendly. So, when creating a website layout, the designer should ensure the site is responsive.

Feedback. All possible communication channels need to be created on the website so that a customer can leave their information or criticism (feedback) about prior action or behavior from the company and, the company, in turn, can use that information to adjust and improve current and future actions and behaviors. We will make sure that communication between your company and your partners is as easy as possible.

Technical components. We work with one of the leading hosting providers in the world. This will ensure the high performance of your corporate website. We will help you choose a suitable domain name for your web resource that is catchy and matches the name of your company. It will also be easy to promote this web resource in the future, should you desire to get it done, as we lay down the foundations of technical components for SEO from the moment we start to build such a website.

When developing a corporate website, ITLab Studio specialists adhere to the following principles:

  • Simplicity – a user can find any information with a few clicks of their mouse;
  • Convenience – friendly interface for inexperienced users;
  • Informativeness – relevant and comprehensive information about the company, its goals and services as well as information for customers and potential partners;
  • Attractiveness –  the visitors to the website should like the resource; 
  • Brand’s reflection – designed in accordance with the corporate identity and corporate colors of the company.

Win the trust of your customers and your efforts will pay off. Get a corporate website created for your company. It will advertise your business on the Internet and you will see that the results are worth the effort.