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Website catalog

A catalog site is an online publication, which contains products or services sold by a company. Digital catalogues can store great quantities of items, which can be organized and classified into different categories for users to search in a more rapid and effective way. In fact, a catalog site is a simplified version of an online store. The only difference between the two is that a catalog site lacks purchasing functionality. In other words, no products or services can be bought on such websites.The main aims of e-catalogues are to advertise,  sell, distribute and draw customer’s attention.

Your potential customer can familiarize themselves with the information about you or your company, find out about products or services on offer, get acquainted with the characteristics, appearance and prices of the products or services.

When developing catalog sites, a lot of developers focus a on beautiful design. It’s because this type of a website contains the word “catalog”, which is associated with a beautiful glossy magazine. Although a beautiful design serves its purpose, it definitely does not guarantee success. It is because this type of web resource has a completely different purpose and its development should be approached competently, in compliance with all the necessary requirements. Otherwise, the website will not bring any leads.

When developing catalog sites, ITLab-Studio specialists adhere to the basic requirements:

  • Convenient navigation – clear layout with nested pages, interactive elements that are easy, both visually and intuitively, for users to understand (‘get in touch’ buttons, links to business proposals, ‘download prices’ buttons);
  • Detailed descriptions of products and services – this type of an Internet resource should contain comprehensive information about the products or services on offer;
  • High quality illustrations – people tend to perceive things better when they see them ( image ) rather read about them ( text ). Both of these components, when used wisely, will lead to a good conversion. Our experts will create the most informative description of your goods or services.

A catalog website will be suitable for companies that sell through brick and mortar shops only and want to win customers who prefer to do their shopping online. Also, this type of website will be ideal for wholesalers and retailers. Catalog sites have several advantages that can increase sales.

The advantages of a catalog site:

  • The ability to quickly and constantly add or edit products and information about them, if and when necessary, therefore the customer gets to know about your offer in a split second;
  • The development costs can be quickly recouped through the product or service promotion online, which will attract customers’ interest.
  • The time it takes to develop a catalog site is much shorter than online store. Also, catalog site development costs are lower compared to ecommerce site development costs.
  • The ability to quickly turn a catalog site into an online store with the prospect of trading online.

ITLabStudio builds all types of websites including catalog ones. Satisfy the demand with your offer. Get created a high quality and beautiful web-catalog that will showcase your products or services. If you want this, then we can do it!