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Business Card Website

Business card websites bear information about a company or individual, so that potential customers can find out what products they sell or services provide. Corporate websites are preferred mainly by large or medium-sized companies, with business card websites being favored by small businesses. For example: legal services. Often, small organizations, wishing to win new customers, get a web resource created.

A business card site is a maximally simple and minimalistic web resource, which is aimed at familiarizing Internet users with a company’s products or services or just the general information about the entity. Business card websites, in the vast majority of cases, are static resources. These sites answer the majority of questions users ask and are one of the ways of attracting customers. Here are some of the distinctive features business websites have: conciseness, informational content, individuality and attractive design.

The main components of a business card site:

General information. Succinctly and clearly presented information about a company or person, providing the services. The specific page should contain contact information, with a list of services being available on a different page.

Minimum number of pages. On average, a business card site consists of 4 pages. All services are presented on one page including descriptions and prices.

Design. Here, an analogy can be drawn between the traditional business card. The more unique and effective the design of a business card, the easier it is for people to memorize it. With a business card site, everything is exactly the same. Hence, the consonant name. A business card site is your personal business card.

Minimum functionality. A business card site most often represents a static set of web pages on which static information is laid out: prices, services, photos, contacts. Since information of this kind changes extremely rarely, there is no need for an administrative part of the resource.

The ITLab-Studio development team can create a unique product for every client. By ordering a business card site development service from our company, you will undoubtedly receive a number of advantages. Business card sites are extremely popular among small businesses. If you are being asked about your products or services – just give them the link to the site. It is this web-resource that will introduce you or your company to your potential customers or partners.

The main advantages of a business card website:

  • Plenty of customers. When the kind of products or services you offer are being searched for on the Internet, a business card website is an excellent tool for turning search queries into potential leads. In fact, this is a high quality traffic of potential customers.
  • A description of all the services provided and their prices is added to the site. This saves a lot of time. Everything that needs to be shown personally to the potential customer is available on the web-resource.
  • If an organization has a website, subconsciously customers have more trust in such an organization. A business card site can be a good tool that connects a company and public.
  • By publishing information on this type of resource, not only does the public get the information you want them to get but they also know who was the author of it.
  • It is not too expensive to maintain this type of website, so a lot of firms regard business card sites as the first step towards building an online presence, and in the future, if needed, it can easily be turned into a fully-fledged website.

Contact us and ITLab-Studio specialists will help you expand your business at a minimal cost. We will help you effectively express yourself.