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Social Media Marketing

Nowadays, the majority of people who have a smartphone have an account in one of the popular social networks, and in some cases, several accounts in different social networks.

For many Internet users social networks are the only tool of communication. Social media marketing has become a powerful business development these days. The ultimate goal of any business is sales growth. One of the ways to achieve this goal is through social media marketing, which will attract the target audience from social networks.

Social Media Marketing (SMM) is a type of internet marketing which uses the benefits of social networking sites as a tool for promoting websites, thus it increases traffic towards them and learns from users’ direct reactions.

The main objective of SMM is to reach out to the target audience, attract the interest of potential customers to a given product. With the help of the promotion tool like SMM, you can:

  • Find out the target audience needs;
  • Attract the audience to the website;
  • Implement various technologies that would potentially increase the interest of potential customers;
  • Sell directly to a buyer;
  • Build a brand or trademark reputation;
  • Inform the audience about the benefits and innovations.

The main advantage of SMM is that it helps attract the audience that in the future will spread the information about the product for free. Content can quickly be shared between groups of friends and subscribers on social media. Well written content significantly increases the chances of being spotted by the target audience. The amended content is instantly shared between subscribers, the network effect kicks in, leading to enhanced interest in the product.

The advantages of SMM:

  • Most of information is spread by members of a social network without the organizer being directly involved;
  • Increased trust in the products and services being promoted. It’s due to the presence of social ties between the members of social network;
  • Maximum information gets to the target audience;
  • Increased brand awareness;
  • Higher conversion rates;
  • Better customer satisfaction;
  • The level of trust to social media reviews is a lot higher than to advertising slogans;
  • Direct contact with customers, including feedbacks;
  • Close and direct interaction with customers;
  • Huge audience and variety of social networking sites;

SMM marketing can be a powerful tool for attracting thousands of potential customers. ITLab Studio specialists have all the necessary skills to create a social media marketing plan from scratch as well as promote and build on the capacity of the existing pages, groups or communities. Our experts think through every little detail when designing business pages. The experience we’ve gained over the years lets us adhere to the proven, effective and working methods for promoting a customer’s business on social networks. Well set an advertising campaign and timely target adjustment will help you increase the number of your customers.

ITLab Studio marketers rapidly respond to the dynamics of change on social media sites. At ItLab Studio we effectively work with this type of marketing, we know how to use it and constantly work to ensure the final outcome lives up to a customer’s expectations. Regular content updates, interactions with subscribers, attention to the resource – these are the fundamentals our marketers stick to.

Work Stages:


Preparations (situation analysis, strategy determination, goal setting, strategy formation, content creation plan, page creation, community or group creation and setting up its parameters, target audience analysis, competitor analysis, tactic selection, planning).

Filling up with content

Filling up with content (media content creation, design creation, filling up with content).

Integration with a web resource

Integration into a web resource (improving the quality of a landing page, setting up analytics measurement to track results, adding social network counters and buttons).

Site promotion

Site promotion (advertising campaigns, creating and running promotions, contests, advertising on other sites, targeted advertising).


Communication (monitoring and responding to user comments and messages, activity support, keeping a site up to date).


Reporting (results analysis, giving recommendations on how to improve the resource farther, statistics, audience involvement indicator and audience changes over a certain period).


Control (An adjustment of work methods depending upon the results of the analysis,  promotion methodology adjustments, verifying the attainment of goals).

Our prices:

SMM is a type of internet marketing where a minimum volume of work is required for it to be effective. For each project, this minimum is determined depending on the specifics of the business or type of activity. We do not use template approaches in SMM. We do not practice illegal methods to expand the audience, therefore the amount we charge for our services depends on the volume of work. Tell us about your business through the brief and we will calculate the cost of its promotion on social networks.

If you are interested in the SMM promotion service, then our specialists will do a good job for you. We will advertise your business or brand in such a way that it will attract attention of your target audience and without distorting the data, provide the most comprehensive and accurate description of the product or service. So if you would like to get the desired image created and the number of customers increased, then all this is possible on condition competent work is put into social networks.

Promotion on social networks is exactly what every business needs regardless of its age or size!