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Contextual advertising

Contextual advertising is another tool that can be utilized to promote goods or services  on the Internet. This type of promotion is by no means cheap but at the end of the day will turn out to be effective.  

The mandatory component of contextual advertising is SEO optimization, or least part of it, since it is necessary that the page meets the requirements of search engines.

An ad that appears in a search engine or on a site is contextual advertising (Pay Per Click). Ads can be in the following formats: text, graphic and video. PPC is a model that implies payment by the advertiser for each visit to the site, rather than showing the ad.

Whether an ad gets selected and subsequently displayed depends on the rating of the ad. To make sure it does, the heading on the page should correspond to the entered request, the link in the ad should lead to the landing page, filled with high-quality and unique content. CTR (Click-Through Rate) is of considerable value – the probability of a user clicking on an ad), which depends on the relevance of the keyword.

The main objective of contextual advertising is to attract users to a website where the potential customer will perform some targeted action.

The advantages of contextual advertising:

  • Flexibility of advertising campaign settings and various ways to look for the target audience;
  • The ability to quickly respond to changes in the interests of the target audience;
  • Attracting targeted traffic to the web resource;
  • Increasing conversion rates;
  • Instant result is guaranteed, unless the business operates in a special niche market;
  • Targeting the right audience (people who are likely to buy the product or service);
  • Remarketing (we can help you to connect with visitors to your website who may not have made an immediate purchase, using the most optimized banners and flexible targeting);
  • Instant effect (after your account has been created and advertising campaign has been launched);
  • Preliminary calculation of the advertising effectiveness.

 Special skills are required to work with PPC otherwise you may spend lots of money with little to no success in the end. The person must understand the market, tools and systems within which the advertising campaign takes place.

 To get the audience that would be interested in buying your product or service, it is necessary to conduct a constant analysis of the ads and make timely adjustments. The success of an advertising campaign directly depends on an integrated approach to promotion.

PPC advertising ads are placed on the Internet with the help of contextual advertising providers and search engines:

  • Google Adwords; 
  • Yandex Direct; 
  • Bing. 

ITLab Studio specialists have the necessary skills to work and set up advertising campaigns on various platforms, using the wide variety of payment models provided by the service providers:

  • Per Click (CPC), Cost Per Click –  is the amount you pay for each click on one of your PPC ads;
  • Per impressions (CPM), Cost Per Mille – the cost per thousand impressions of your ads;
  • For the target action (CPA), Cost Per Action – you only pay if and when the ads lead to an action or sale.

Our experts will help move your ad to the TOP positions in certain market niches. By analyzing the advertising campaign, we give recommendations on what needs to be done on the landing page to increase the conversion rate, traffic and make the relevance more accurate. 

There are several steps to a successful PPC campaign:


Analytics (at this stage we analyze your business model, how it operates and what needs to be done to make the product or service on sale more attractive to the target audience; we learn all about your competitors );


Customization ( setting up advertising campaigns and accounts; setting up analytics; picking the right keywords; creating ads; writing the most compelling ads that will appeal to the target audience);


Launching (launching contextual advertising; analyzing first results; making adjustments);


Customer support (instant adjustment; increasing the effectiveness of the campaign; market niche analysis; adding new keywords and ads; budget monitoring; advertising campaign optimization; reporting on the contextual advertising).

ITLab Studio marketers will set up and launch an effective advertising campaign for your product or service. We take into account the specifics and seasonality of a business. Analytics and adjustments to advertising campaigns are carried out on a daily basis. We work with any budget. We can make recommendations on the amounts to be spent but it’s the client who makes the final decision. We’ll make your ads not just attractive but also competent for your advertising campaign. Our reporting is informative and comprehensive. Also, we’ll create forecasts for the campaign. We will audit your website and give recommendations on how to convert visitors into customers. This will not only increase the number of visitors to the resource but will also help you get leads.

We will develop the most effective strategy for an advertising campaign, minimize the cost of 1 click and increase the number of conversions, and also provide a detailed report and statistics for the entire advertising account. We will take into account all your requirements and plan the most profitable advertising campaign.

Contextual advertising is a quick and effective tool for promoting your site on the Internet. In conjunction with search engine optimization, it is possible to respond to the demand for your product or service. This is a good investment in developing your business. Modern businesspeople understand how important it is to promote their goods and services on the Internet. Contextual advertising covers up to 90% of users of search networks. It sees the target audience, potential customers who are interested in the product.