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Technical support

A website is the face of any company and a reflection of business reputation, expressed as a combination of software, information and media, logically interconnected. Even high-quality web applications can have performance issues, let alone poorly developed ones.

To ensure your site meets all modern standards and brings you leads and sales consistently, it must be supported and improved on a daily basis. Technical support is an important stage of the development process that lasts as long as a website exists. At ITLab Studio we provide the following technical support services:

  • Module development;
  • Updating features;
  • Making changes to code if or when necessary;
  • Web hosting services, domain names;
  • Web hosting and domain name monitoring;
  • Regular backups of an entire resource;
  • Fixing issues and preventing a website from being hacked;
  • Monitoring of a resource, making sure it runs smoothly;
  • Website optimization (replacing or removing broken links);
  • Updating a software kernel, CMS versions and the use of modern systems;
  • Professional advice at any time;
  • Regular routine maintenance.

Technical support includes any of the aforementioned services. The services are provided on a contractual basis. Applications are accepted via any communication channels. The client is given the estimated time it will take to implement the task or do the troubleshooting. After the work has been done, the total hourly compensation is calculated.