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Subscription service

The online world has become an extremely complex and fragile ecosystem. The interdependent pieces of this ecosystem, such as browsers, devices and operating systems, are continuously evolving. Simply keeping up with technology represents a new challenge for businesses.

But this challenge can be met and complexity can be managed. A proactive approach to maintaining digital infrastructure is the key to staying ahead and minimising issues. But, if things go wrong, it helps to have a team that can react quickly to deliver a solution.

In this landscape, keeping digital assets updated is now an important function for any modern business. The additional sales and higher conversions that come with a speedy website are just the beginning. There’s also the reduced risk of downtime and the elimination of security threats. This foresight reduces costs later down the track.

At ItLabStudio, we have the experience, expertise and technology to keep your business in the fast lane. Our website support services are your ticket to staying up-to-date and secure.

There are currently a multitude of maintenance services on offer at ItLabStudio but by far the most in demand is the Bundle deal. This is due to the fact that our customers rarely need only one thing done. More often than not, there is a need not only for a content to be updated but also some features added or security issues resolved.

Depending on the needs of a web-resource, we provide Bundle deals, which include a list of all the necessary services in order to keep the web-resource up to date. Depending on the type of a website and the volume of work required, we create an individual service package for every customer that will contain only the services that the website will potentially need.

Periodically one-ff updates are ideal for small sites where maintenance work would only include content updates.

Subscription service consists of regular technical support, modernization and a web resource update. It is suitable for large information or commercial web-resources.

Support is provided on a contract basis. Subscription service from ITLab Studio provides the following:

  • Monthly report on the work performed;
  • Fixed monthly fee;
  • Strict list of only necessary services;
  • The minimum and maximum hours’ threshold is applied;
  • Consultation on the services provided;

Subscription service does not include:

  • Services that are not covered by technical support or maintenance of a web resource. These include: web design, modular development, web marketing;
  • Filling an entire web-resource with a content;
  • Working on the website continuously 24 hours a day 7 days a week (work is carried out exclusively within the company’s working hours);
  •  Fixing issues on websites where the technologies are used that we don’t work with (we work exclusively with technologies from the list of the development services).