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Filling up with Content

One of the important stages of website maintenance a web resource is the systematic filling up a site with new content. Even if next to nothing needs to be updated on a company’s website, professional support for the web resource is required. This type of support provides for timely response to changes in search algorithms and make the necessary changes to improve the indexing of the web resource in search engines.

Recognition by search engines allows your company to occupy a high position in the particular niche, according to search queries in the global network. By filling the site with the necessary information you will attract more users or potential customers. This service is necessary to ensure the smooth and proper functioning of the Internet resource.The information support means adding quality content to ensure the development of a web resource.

An integrated and professional approach to filling a website will make your site more descriptive, will provide the resource with interesting information which will attract customers and consequently increase your profit. A meaningful and optimized approach to filling a web resource is provided by the professional processing of information, which is carried out by ITLab Studio. It is important not just to write a new text, but also create a unique content that can tell all about your products or services in full, using keywords.

Site content should be maintained on an ongoing basis. Professional site information support from ITLab Studio provides the following list of services:

  • Content creation as per requirement;
  • Processing and optimization of photo and video content;
  • Creation of graphic content and infographics;
  • Filling up a website with interesting and optimized content;
  • Regular updating the necessary and relevant information;
  • Checking a site for incorrect links;
  • Creation of new sections, pages, menu items;
  • Keeping company information up-to-date: contact information, news, promotions, etc;
  • Customer consultation;
  • Assessment of the current state of a web resource, identification of strengths and weaknesses;
  • Providing recommendations, suggestions, ideas and opportunities on the ways to modernize a website;
  • Tracking resource traffic.

Web resource maintenance includes any of the services listed above. Services are provided on a contractual basis. The customer is informed on how long it will take to create and add the content. After the work is done, the total hourly wages for the month are calculated.