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Mobile apps for iOS

iOS operating system currently powers around 20% of mobile devices in the world. The main benefit of the operating system is that the iOS audience prefers high quality software and are willing to pay for it.

Very often companies are at a crossroads when making a decision on whether to opt for a mobile application for Android devices only, or both Android and iOS.

On the one hand, most people around the world have Android devices. But on the other hand, owners of iOS devices are more likely to use paid applications and make in-app purchases. There are quite a few arguments for iOS apps.

Market analysis shows that iOS apps are better for monetization. The main argument is the fact that it is easier to make money out of iOS applications. According to the statistics, owners of iPhone and iPad are more likely to buy applications and after that they more often pay for additional features. Not only financially, but also technically iOS has huge advantages over its main rival. It is easier and cheaper to create iOS applications.

By having an iOS app you will be able to reach out to more than 90% of the users of this platform, since 65% of all mobile devices of this brand support the latest software version. The same cannot be said about Android powered phones and tablets as they do not always support the latest versions of this operating system.

Currently, no one should ignore the powerful market of the famous Apple brand because their iOS mobile platform is considered to be the best. Therefore, if you do business in the USA, Canada, Europe or Australia, which are the largest markets of Apple, iOS app is a must have app if you want your business to succeed.

ITLab Studio specialists will unleash the full potential of your idea and translate it into a high-quality mobile application for IOS platform.