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Mobile apps for Android

An android application will give you the opportunity to potentially reach out to 80% of mobile devices worldwide and target any market or audience. There is no single niche in the market or target audience that would not be using devices powered by Android.

The Android OS market is huge and continues to grow. More than one billion people around the world use mobile devices powered by Android. If your goal is to reach out to as many people and potential customers as possible, then you will definitely need an android application.

Looking at the ever-growing share of Android OS devices, it would be unwise not to have access to the large pool of customers. An android application is a tool for various companies to increase customer loyalty and expand target audience.

At ITLab Studio we build Android apps in Java. We design a flexible and scalable system architecture that makes it easy to add new features in the future. We develop apps for all types of mobile devices: smartphone, tablet, smart watch. We create all types of Android applications: educational, lifestyle, social media, productivity, entertainment, game.

A special attention is paid to testing. The market is highly segmented and there are a lot of devices with different characteristics. We an app performance on different devices with different technical and hardware specifications. We make sure that the software works well even under high load factors.

An Android application will give you a competitive advantage over your peers. With an Android application you can be in close proximity to the customer. In fact, everything, what’s on sale at your company, will be in their pocket.