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Website development brief questionnaire

A professionally developed and well-thought-out IT product will create not only a positive image for your company but it will also improve your business. Therefore, before ordering one or more of our web development services, we need to know exactly which product you need? And on our part, we will give you advice on how to avoid the most common mistakes!

You must fill out this brief as comprehensively as possible, if costly re-iterations and miscommunications are to be avoided. This will allow us to estimate the project cost and duration. The more comprehensively you answer these questions, the quicker we will start solving the tasks. We guarantee full confidentiality of the information provided to us.

The brief is not a technical task and it will only help us understand how you see your future site. Please fill out this questionnaire as comprehensively as possible. It will help us fully understand the project specifics and the features that the final product should have.

If you have difficulties in completing certain fields of this brief, you can skip them. Just fill in the fields marked as ‘required’. After processing the brief, we’ll get in touch with you to get the missing information.

Required fields!

Contact details

Further in the brief, the definition of a “product”: a product or service. The definition of a "project": a web-resource (website).

2. What is the target audience of your site? Who is your consumer?

Important! Describe your consumer as a living person so that we can imagine the person’s likely behaviors.

3. What does your company need a website for?
5. Location based targeting
6. IMPORTANT QUESTIONS. They will help us estimate the project cost and duration.
7. The additional questions that will strengthen our cooperation